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Awesome fans and developers!

2015-11-09 13:54:42 by neocrey


BLACK is an arcade game with a steep difficulty curve and a simple but unique, abstract art style. It is totally going to drive you crazy faster than you can imagine!

Do you have what it takes to navigate through deadly traps while jumping through portals and being launched through spiky tunnels? There is only one simple rule: Dont touch the black! But this very simple rule will make you go crazy faster than you might think. You will curse this game and yet you will love it! Will you survive?

Take on over 60 handmade levels, each designed to put your nerves on edge and tickle out your will to break the scores! Again and again and again. Rage is included.

And now, good luck. You will need it!

Game by Tobias Kloss

Music: neocrey - System Shock

Download on your Android for free:


P.S. Thanks to all fans and developers who like and share my music with gaming community! Feel free to use all my tracks published on Newgrounds and other sites in your projects!

New website!

2015-07-25 14:58:21 by neocrey

Welcome to my official website!


Feel free to use some freebies and stay tuned for new content!

New weapon skins for CS:GO

2014-10-30 09:55:20 by neocrey

Hi, Newgrounds community!

After a big break I decided to try making weapon finishes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Steam Workshop. Feel free to vote and comment these custom paint job works.



Also, new games and music coming soon. So don't lose me and my team in making some great stuff :-)

Happy halloween!!!)))

Ludum Dare Release

2014-05-01 18:55:03 by neocrey

Ok then. It's released. It's buggy.

And we did it in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29 Jam.

Feel tired, but happy


If you like Left 4 Dead as I, feel free to download my addon on Steam Workshop


A few alternative handmade soundtracks for Left 4 Dead 2:

- One track for main menu (made for the last game for LudumDare)
- End Titles music (neocrey - Nightwind)
- Tank music (neocrey - Get Out Of My Way)

Love, peace, cookies!

It comes for LUDUM DARE!!!

2014-04-24 13:15:46 by neocrey

One more Ludum Dare for my weekend...

This time it will be Jam...

This time I will try to use UDK, small team of gamedev lovers, lots of patience and brains. So let the fun begins! Good luck to all competitors and jamers!!!


New albums released on Jamendo

2014-04-04 03:06:13 by neocrey

I've released my 2 new albums on Jamendo:

- Nebula

- Colours EP

Feel free to download and use them in your works!)

neocrey on Jamendo

Newgrounds Mix #1

2014-02-11 08:58:00 by neocrey

I would like to introduce you my first Newgrounds Mix from Audio Portal!

Thumbs up and comment if you like it and want more mixes weekly!

Don't forget to vote and share my competition remix for Moby - Almost Home Contest HERE

Thanks for listening!

I'm alive!

2014-02-11 06:49:37 by neocrey

Well, I really hope so :D

Just want to say THANK YOU to all fans that still writing to me and listening my crappy music. You are the best!

Announcing that new tracks are coming soon! Hope for the best and new!)

I've released a new track for Moby - Almost Home Remix Contest on Beatport Play. If you would like to listen, support, vote and share this remix WELCOME HERE!!!


Thanks for supporting and reading!

New releases soon...

New album released!!!

2013-05-18 03:09:36 by neocrey

Sorry for no post on last months. I was very busy, but now I have a lot of projects. Soon...

I released my new album "Colours EP"

You can listen and download all the tracks on my Bandcamp page

Thanks for reading!)

New album released!!!